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How to Enroll and Login


If you don't have an account yet, you'll need to Enroll.


Step 1: Once you've reached the Payment Center, just click the Enroll button.

Enroll Button Arrow

Step 2: Validate by Entering your Guest ID and Date of Birth.
- Your Guest ID is your First Initial, Last Initial, and the last 6 digits of your Social Security Number.
- Your Date of Birth must be entered as 8 digits (MMDDYYYY)
- Make sure to check the Box for "I'm not a Robot".

Example: John Smith may enter his Guest ID and Date of Birth as follows:
Guest ID:        JS123456
Date of Birth:  02021970

Step 3: Check that your Phone and Email Address are filled and accurate, and click "Continue to Login & Password.

Contine to Login Password Button

Step 4: Follow all remaining instructions to setup your account and Payment Methods.


Now that you know the steps, click below to get started!

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